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Clinical Engineering

The ITHC has long supported those working in the field of Clinical Engineering through professional recognition and creative student endeavors. More…


HIV Health Care

ITHC first became involved in HIV patient education the early/mid-1980's through the use of, at the time, cutting edge desktop publishing systems available to produce educational materials, supported individuals with AIDS in maintaining their health insurance, and now seeks to recognize the efforts of others to use technology to educate physicians maintain currency in this dynamic field. More…


Latin America

The Institute for Technology in Health Care offers a prize to a young Medical Doctor that performs a project that shows that technology improves the delivery of health care in Latin America. More…


Awards in Honduras

The Awards in Honduras category seeks to encourage the use of technology in demonstration projects that can be adopted by others in the provision of health care services in Honduras. More…

The Mize Award Image

The Mize Award

The Mize Award was established in memory of W. Raymond Mize, MD, the first president of the ITHC. This award seeks to recognize the field of Radiology and stimulate new uses for imaging to promote better health care. More…

The Institute for Technology in HealthCare




The Institute for Technology in Health Care (ITHC) encourages the use of technology in various fields to benefit health care.

ITHC wishes to stimulate users, researchers, and students to present papers to groups of their peers, or write articles that demonstrate how they have used technology from any field to benefit the practices of medicine to improve health in any community. It is also interested in stimulating innovative projects that use technology from any field to benefit health.

A number of areas use technologies that can easily be refocused to improve health, the most valuable possession any human has. The goal of the ITHC's efforts is intended to stimulate others to realize that technology from any field can be transferred to benefit the needs of health care in one or more specific ways.

To that end, the ITHC intends to provide a number of awards to promote utilization of computers and technology to benefit health care so that providers can perform with more efficiency and with greater accuracy.

The Institute will consider any area of health care in which providers and patients will benefit.

The awards will be given to any organization (such as a school, public non-profit agency or medical clinic) that is established and accredited by the community in which it is affiliated. That organization may set the guidelines for the awards to specific individuals in those organizations. Proposals by an organization should be sent by the organization to the Institute (no longer than two pages). The Institute is not able to consider proposals from individuals. It is not intended that the awards be used as a charitable gift.

Members of the
Board of Directors

  • Cesar A. Caceres, M.D.
    Executive Director
  • Stanley J. Kuliczkowski
  • Guy Hammer
    Vice President
  • Jacqueline W. Schick
  • Ana Lucia Valladares Galvez
    Chair, Awards Committee

John Diamond
Board Member


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The Institute for Technology in Health Care (ITHC) is a 501(c)3 Corporation, and complies with all required IRS regulations.
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