The Institute for Technology in Health Care (ITHC) encourages the use of technology in various fields to benefit the health or the delivery of health related services.  ITHC wishes to stimulate innovative projects that use technology from any field to benefit health.  To that end, the ITHC provides a number of awards to promote utilization of technology to benefit health care.  For Application Guidelines, visit our Contact  page.


​ITHC partnered has with the American Academy of HIV Medicine since 2011 to present an annual award to groups working in the field of HIV medicine to recognize the use of technology to further care, treatment, or prevent HIV infection.

The 2017 recipient of this award was Dr. Kevin Fiscella, MD, MPH, of the Anthony Jordan Health in Rochester, NY, is the winner of the sixth annual AAHIVM/Institute for Technology in Health Care HIV Practice Award. Dr. Fiscella developed an innovative EMR focusing on the needs of HIV patients.



The ITHC has supported the Zamorano University Food Science and Technology Department students' research into food analysis and the diet of the surrounding community since 2010.  

On March 9, 2017, the Department will have a book launch to present the book "Nutritional risk in Honduras: epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome? Case of San Antonio de Oriente, Francisco Morazán ", compendium of six studies conducted in the area of ​​nutrition during 2013-2016 with support from the Institute for Technology in Health Care / ITHC.

The Institute for Technology in Health Care


ITHC first partnered with the ​​Crudem Foundation - Hôpital Sacré-Coeur, Milot, Haiti in 2015. The ITHC continued in partnership with the Crudem Foundation in 2016 with support in the further expansion of diagnostic services for their project "Meeting Clinical Diagnostic Demand in Northern Haiti: Critical Need Establishment of Pathology Department & Service."

In 2017 the ITHC supported the Foundation once again with funds to upgrade and maintain ultrasound equipment in the project "Providing Access to Quality Healthcare in Northern Haiti:   Critical Need for Early Detection Cardiac Diagnostic Equipment."