The Institute for Technology in Health Care


The ITHC Members

Cesar A. Caceres, MD, Executive Director 

William Ayers, MD, President

Guy Hammer, Vice President

Ana Lucia Vallardes Galvez, Board Member and Chairperson of Awards 

John H. Diamond, Board Member

J. Desiree Pineda, MD, Board Member

Richard R. Swift, Board Member

Jacqueline W. Schick, Board Member and Secretary

The goal of the ITHC effort is to stimulate others to realize that technology from any field can be transferred to benefit the needs of health care.

ITHC strives to stimulate healthcare professionals, users, researchers, and students to present papers to groups of their peers, and write articles that demonstrate how they have used technology from any field to benefit the practices of medicine to improve health in the community. 

A number of areas use technologies that can be refocused to improve health, the most valuable possession any human has. 

To that end, the ITHC intends to provide a number of awards to promote utilization of technology to benefit health care so that providers can perform with more efficiency and with greater accuracy.