Past Recipients of The AAMI Foundation & ITHC Clinical Solution Award Winners

2016 – James Piepenbrink, Boston Medical Center, Prioritization of Medical Audible Alarms

2015 – Texas Children's Hospital Alarm Management Team
2014 – Robert D. Butterfield
2013 – Lancaster General Hospital and Hospira
2013 – Monitor Research Team, Children's National Medical Center
2011 – James P. Welch and George T. Blike, MD
2010 – Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, CCE, FHIMSS
2009 – Julian M. Goldman, MD
2006 – Thomas M. Judd, CCE
2005 – Antonio Hernandez

The ITHC approached AAMI to establish the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Foundation / Institute for Technology in Health Care Clinical Solutions Award was established in 2005.  This is an award that recognizes career achievement in the field of Clinical Engineering.  

The AAMI Foundation & Institute for Technology in Health Care’s Clinical Solution Award honors a healthcare technology professional or group that has applied innovative clinical engineering practices or principles to solve one or more significant clinical patient care problems or challenges facing a patient population, community or group.

AAMI celebrated is 50th Anniversary in 2017 and recognized Cesar A. Caceres, MD for his early work in establishing the field of Clinical Engineering.  AAMI News interviewed Dr. Caceres in November 2017.

2017 Award Recipient
Regenstrief National Center for Medical Device Informatics (REMEDI) Infusion Pump Collaborative Project Team, Purdue University

The award this year goes to a group that has leveraged the power of data and collaboration to drive up compliance rates with infusion pump drug libraries. The REMEDI infusion pump collaboration is the only patient safety improvement program in the country that reaches across manufacturers’ smart pump technologies to create a network of hospitals willing to share data from their drug libraries and the lessons they’ve learned to improve clinician compliance with these libraries. Hospitals in the program have reported various rates in driving up compliance with one hospital noting a 25% increase within a span of three months. REMEDI is a division of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.

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